2001 olds alero, Hard starting, cuts out(dies going down road)

Since having leaky fuel pressure regulator replaced, hard starting some of time starts great the rest. Service soon light and track off light stay on after hard start,go away after shut off. Hand held analyser indicated possible security modual problems. I guess Oldsmobile is really famous for these types of symptoms.Any ideas? what should mechanic look at first?

What are the codes? When you have a “hard start”, and the check engine light comes on, scan for the codes and get the freeze frame data. Then, you can shut it off.
What is a “track off light”?

You say really famous? what have you found out? Why do you think there is a link between a fuel system repair and a security system problem? Is this a crank or no crank “hard starting” condition.

It sounds like your car is in really bad shape,dies going down road,won’t start(crank) and fuel and security system problems.

You need a mechanic that can do diagnosis,you won’t get good results from a mechanic that needs our help.

Died twice on way hame yesterday, took to auto zone to retreive any codes but there were none to retreive, even though service light was on and so was track off light was on. Was able to get car to start both times finally, really seemed to help to really force ignition key in hard. Maybe something with ignition switch? Goes to shop next week.