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My baby girls car

she has hadthiscar about 3 months 102,xxx mi. it started out the secutrity lite would flash, then all lites flashed and die but would restart. we hadthe starter changed. and did same thing but would not restart. disc and reconnect the starter relay and start, replaced relay. started 3 times won’t restart? the last gm product i ever owned was a 1980 olds diesel. i know nothing about g.m. and i app passed on the gene that gm dosen’t like to her

Its sort of hard to interpret what you are saying, but by the sounds of it there is an intermittent electrical problem such as bad battery cable or a loose/dirty ground connection. I’m assuming that it wasn’t the starter that was charged but perhaps the battery. Were the battery terminals all cleaned & securely refastened at the time? When it won’t start are you saying that you turn the key and nothing happens (or maybe just a click) or are you saying that it will crank but won’t fire up?

This may be the kind of problem that can only be found by actually getting one’s hands on the car.

Have the battery checked.

between the time the starter was replaced and the relay being replaced, the battery was tested and the connections cutoff and replaced. also no codes being stored or the check engine lite only on when they all come on before it dies

Security light? Is there an after-market car alarm/secruity system installed? Maybe that is going flaky. You really should tell us the model and year of car. I can guess it’s a GM, but that covers a lot of territory considering all the makes and models and years.

It sounds like it could be a bad ignition switch, or a bad security system, or a bad relay, or . . . there are a lot of possibilities. Replacing that starter sounds like a shot in the dark. Somebody wasn’t thinking. A bad starter will not cause the car to stall after it is running.

2003 olds alero. security light that comes on is part of the dash lights. the starter was replaced when the car wouldn’t start and they “forgot” to tell me this other stuff was happening till after it died in traffic the day after the starter was put in. that was when the battery was tested and connections cleaned and replaced. after that it wouldn’t start and the relay was replaced. started and ran twice then wouldn’t start agin

Someone ought to trace out all of the wires from the battery out - especially the negative and all ground connections.