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my car turns off sometimes and takes a minute or two to turn back on. also when I turn on the car all my warning lights come on such as check engine or check oil. Could it be the computer in my car? if so can it be fixed? does anyone know a round about price?

Not much to go on. Computers rarely go out but more likely a sensor like the crank sensor, coil, fuel pump, or even fuel pressure regulator. Anything can be fixed though at a price, the big question is the diagnosis. I’m afraid you’re going to have to take it to a shop but you need to describe the problem better such as when it happens and what do you mean by takes a few minutes to start again?

You need to provide a lot more info. What year is this Alero? How many miles are on it? Thinking about all of the regular maintenance a car needs (as described in the owner’s manual - spark plugs, wires, filters etc), say something about where things stand.

All of your dash lights are supposed to come on when you first start the car. Some go off soner than others as others stay on while systems do a self-check. The question is - do any of those lights remain lit while you are driving around? If your check engine light is remaining on then there are error codes stored in the computer and many auto parts stores will read those for free. And if you want to have them read and report then post the exact code (like “P0123”)

Also, other than the car stalling, how does the car run? Are there specific things connected to the stalling? Is it always when its cold? Hot? When you come off the gas to coast/brake to a stop? Etc.

On many GM’s btw, occasional stalling and hard starting is often associated with a failing crankshaft position sensor or its wiring.

Its a 2002 oldsmobile alero. The service vehicle soon & anti lock & trac off lite on dashboard stay on. It goes off after some time when im driving. The car stops as im driving and then it takes a minute or two for me to start it up again.

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Check this out

The service vehicle light indicates you have a problem with your lighting

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