2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Hi, I just bought this car a month ago and today my “Service Vehicle Soon”, “Anti-Lock” and “Trac Off” lights came on as I was driving home all at the same time. I plan on calling a mechanic tomorrow during the day but wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas as to what might be going on and if it was a quick fix that I could perform myself, or if this was even just a maintenance light for preventative measures.

Thanks In Advance,


Check for OBD11 codes and they will ‘steer’ you in the approximate direction.

The ABS and the TCS work together so if there is a fault in one both lights come on.

I suspect there may be a loose electrical connection to a wheel sensor or a sensor fault itself.

Gotta be something in the anti lock brake system. When there is a fault in the ABS, the traction control also is disabled. Just for kicks, check the brake fluid for the proper level and try disconnecting and reconnecting the ABS connector. Could be a dirty, disconnected, faulty wheel sensor, and on up.

The problem could be in the engine management system itself.

If the Check/Service Engine light comes on, the ABS and Traction Control lights will also come on. This is because the Traction Control not only uses the ABS as part of it’s system, but it also uses the engine output as part of it’s system to control the vehicle. The engine management and ABS work hand-in-hand with the traction control system to keep the vehicle under control.


Have a friend who had same prob w his Alero '99. He took it to Dealer whose mechanic said it needed a new module for about $2000.00. He got scared and instead of fixing it he bought OBDII tester at the Walmat. Tester said O2 sensor was bad. Went to AutoZone. Told them what the cdoes were. Guy at AutoZone said it was the O2 sensor B4 the catalytic converter. Spent $80.00 for the sensor and borrowed the tool from AutoZone to take off the old sensor. We replaced it in about an hour and 1/2. We reset the lights per the OBDII instructions and tested the car. The $2000.00 prob went away for about $80.00 + $100. for the OBDII. That was over 1 year ago in Mar of '07. OBDII testers can come in handy.

Yes, bring the codes here, and we will 'cuss’em n discuss’em.