Olds Alero

Ok, I am aware of the security system issues with Alero causing it to not start and have researched it quite a bit. What’s happening for me is randomly my car will not start. It will run fine and all but just refuses to start when it decides it doesn’t want to go anywhere.

For example last Monday I drove it to work just fine, then at the end of the day it just cranked and cranked to no avail. We tried Monday evening all kinds of things we have read about in forums, we continued to try to narrow it down on Tuesday as well…nothing. Then on Wednesday it started first turn of the key.

I am getting spark and the fuel pump is coming on, and I have gotten to the point where we have bypassed the security system by cutting the yellow wire that comes from the ignition while it was running as suggested by a couple of forums. My brother is highly mechanically inclined and even he is stumped. Also he has a code reader and when hooked up the car is not giving us any codes whatsoever.
Please someone here know what to do!!!

Thank you in advance for any insight!


Does the antitheft symbol remain lit?

You may very well have some kind of antitheft fault code.

But those are often in the body control module.

Simple code readers don’t communicate with the body control module

You need a professional level scan tool for that

FWIW . . . I wouldn’t snip any wires.

Do you have a wiring diagram for your passlock system?

Do you have the factory service manual?

If the answer is no, I wouldn’t mess around.

You might need to take it to the dealer to get it checked out. What, you can’t find and Oldsmobile dealer? Try any GM dealer. You might even know a dealer near you that used to sell Oldsmobiles. If you aren’t sure about the ability of that particular dealer’s staff, check around with everyone you know. You will either find that they are a good dealer, or find another GM dealer that can handle the problem. Or you might find an independent garage that can solve your problems.