2001 Nissan Quest door sensor

For the past several months, every time I make a left turn in my 2001 Quest the interior lights flash and it says a door is open. It would not be so annoying except for nighttime drives with a sleeping toddler. I have gone around the vehicle hundreds of times making sure all doors are completely closed and it still does it. I wonder if there is a way to reset the door open sensor. I have noticed lately it might only be when I am signaling left, I did not use the signal last time and it did not do it but it might have been coincidental.

Go to an auto parts store and tell them that you want to clean and lube all of your door latches and clean your door switches. They’ll likely sell you some electronics cleaner, perhaps some other degreasing-type cleaner and some kind of lube (I’d probably get spray lithium grease).

Take the stuff and clean all of the door latches & door switches.

Or take it to a local shop and ask them to do it.