2002 nissan quest sliding door

We have this 02 nissan quest that has hard to open sliding doors. it looks like the roller guides have stopped rolling. they just skid down the track. I see grease in the tracks, but i don’t know if the wheels have gotten dry.

Please help me with this guys, I have grown to hate working on cars and she always has something for me to do to it. Clean the windows. Check this fluid. change the oil. I hate it I can’t make excuses for ever as to why the doors are hard to open. At least if I don’t change the oil for a few thousand more miles, she never knows!

Seriously though, Its kind of tight to get fingers in there and check things out.



I’d Get A Penetrant Spray, Like PB Blaster, And Using The Provided “Straw”, Attempt To Get As Close To The Rollers As Possible And Give Them A Hosing.

Let it soak and then try the doors back and forth and see if they loosen up. If so, I’d follow up with a lubricating spray (one with a little viscosity), using the provided straw, and spray them with that for protection.

Let us know. We’ll go from there.