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2001 Mercury Sable won't turn over

i have a 2001 mercury sable engine will not turn over to start has new battery i even took off starter to have it tested and it works like it should it just clicks and ground cable to battery gets hot any ideas thanks!!

I suspect an internal engine problem. If you can get to it, put a socket on the crank shaft, you should be able to turn the motor with a breaker bar.if it doesn’t turn, try pulling all the plugs, doubtful but could be hydro locked (this happened on my lawn mower, one cylinder and crankcase was full of gas!). If it still won’t turn, suspect major internal damage.


I have 1997 Buick park ave… car will start and idle high around 3000rpms then stalls out will not stay running has the 3800 engine thanks!!

Please start a seperate thread for your 97 Buick.

It will keep more on track.


If you measure 10.5 volts or more at the two starter terminals (terminal to starter case) with the key in “start” and it doesn’t crank the engine, either the starter is bad or there’s something mechanical preventing the starter from engaging the flywheel or preventing the engine from rotating. Good idea above to make sure it is possible to hand-rotate the engine…

If the starter bench tested properly… the item most likely causing your issue is your starter solenoid on the fender under the hood… You cant miss it really…the positive batt cable goes on one side of it…the other down to the starter. They are a common failure… Make sure you are providing the solenoid with 12VDC with the key in the spring loaded start position… make sure that wire energizes and also…make sure it is in connection with the solenoid. Bet you find something interesting…

Ford stopped using the starter solenoid mounted on the inner fender in the early 90’s.


You stated that the main ground cable gets hot while trying to start the car. If the positive cable doesn’t get hot then you have a wire connection problem within the ground cable. Excessive resistance is causing a voltage drop and that makes heat when current flows through the resistance. I would suspect there is internal wire corrosion at the connection to the battery where battery acid can leach into the wires of the cable. Wherever the hottest spot is on the cable is where the trouble is at. You may need to replace the cable if you can’t just cut out the bad spot and add a new terminal.

Some Ford F150’s w/the 5.4L engine have a part located in fender/firewall area called the “starter motor solenoid relay switch”, but the Sable doesn’t appear to use it. On both the Sable & the F150 the starter motor is a gear reduction design & contains the actual starter solenoid.

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I think sam02 has left the building. No responses to this thread. Did not start a thread on his Park Avenue.

Try jumping the vehicle again but this time leave the cables on for a few minutes and the vehicle that is jumping yours leave idling so that it can charge your battery. Once started check to see if battery light is on in the dash. If not still have battery and alternator tested for change.