Sable Will Not Start

I have a 2000 Mercury Sable that will not start. The battery is good. All the dash lights come on when you turn the key and I can hear the fuel pump, pump up. The starter does not make any noise, nothing happens at all.

Well you could always run a jumper cable from the pos of the battery and hit the pos post on the starter, then you will know if it is the starter motor or a connection in between, though that has come with much disdain it seems for safety standards etc. Most likely it is a bad connection somewhere, any more history?

I bought a Taurus (very cheap) once that the small wire had come unclipped from the starter. It had a spade connector. I figured it out and fixed it before I took it off of my trailer. I had thought it needed a new starter. Sometimes it’s nice to get lucky. By 2000 they had gone to a connection with a nut. It could still have gotten corroded.

Check all of your connections.

Also try putting the car in neutral to see if it cranks then. That would indicate that the neutral safety switch was bad.