I have a 2001 mercury sable will not start not the stater or battery or the fuel pump

ok the problem is when i try to start it does not fire up but when it does she runs fine its just hard to start at time its not the starter or the fuel pump i hear it click on when the key is turned starter engages and turns the belt it starts after trying turn it over some time after taking awhile and when it does start there is no check engine light could it be a clogged fuel filter bt when she starts she runs fine no problems of loosing fuel when running she runs fine its just hard at starting

The next time you go to start the engine and you know this is going to happen, turn the ignition switch to the run position so the dash lights come on for two seconds, and then turn the ignition switch off. Repeat this a half dozen times. And then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts and runs smoothly have the fuel pump static and residual pressure tested.


hmm i’ll try that in the morning its seems like i have been doing that and not knowing and it’ll start after i’ve done that and with out knowing it thanks ill try that its just this problem just started and it had me stumped i’ve change the spark plugs and the oil pretty much gave it a tune up but yeah i’ll have to take your advice and take it to some one that knows what there doing since i only know what i can read and do hands on with the haynes manual

Ok now it’s the same problem I have done what you said in the morning it started now trying to get home from work and the same problem

Are you sure this is a 2011 Mercury Sable? The Sable line was discontinued in 2009/2010.

Sooty ment to put 2001

Sorry ugh yeah 2001

Ok ruled out clogged fuel filter getting gas to the injectors but I am still stumped it’s getting agrivating I don’t know what it could be

Could all six injectors go bad at once if that it might be elictrical and from there I have no clue

i have a 2001 mercury sable what im getting is its will not start but starts on occasion like today it started fine this morning did errands before work drove it turned it off short period and then started just fine and then drove to work after work it did not want to start tried every thing check engine light is not on and has not come on im am getting stumped i had to leave it in the parking lot at my work so my question is what could make it do this where it starts on occasion and then when sitting for a period of time will not start it cranks but just does not start

I see you have made a double post about this issue. I responded to the other one. Double posting about the same trouble creates confusion to other posters.

It is very unlikely all the injectors went bad especially since the car runs okay when it does run. It is possible the power to the injectors may be causing the issue but the would be pretty far down my trouble list. Try the starter fluid trick and see what happens.

right ill try that will see how it goes thanks for the input ill keep every one posted

I had the same problem with my 2000 the mechanics kept telling me “oh your battery is pretty low” “your starter isn’t getting charge” I got tired of taking it so I started cheap and worked my way up replacing things started with the relays and fuses and nothing changed out my terminals and BAM no problem starts and runs fine every time

I have a Dodge van which was hard starting. What I mean by hard starting is that the starter would crank for an extended period of time before the engine would start.

In the beginning it wasn’t that bad but the cranking began to go on for longer and longer.

My problem ended up being the fuel pressure was not staying in the line upon shutting off the engine. I got a manual for the truck and found the troubleshooting and testing guide which told me the fuel pressure should stay above x psi for y number of minutes after the engine was shut off. Then the manual told me how to determine whether the problem was with the pump bleeding the pressure or an injector hanging open and bleeding off pressure.

In the Dodge, the fuel system is pretty simple so it was either the pump or the injector(s). In my case I determined the fuel pump was faulty. Since my wife likes to keep the tank full this meant draining most of the 36 gallons of gas before I could drop the tank. However installation of a new fuel pump fixed the problem for me.

Do you people realize that the original post is over two years old?


This reply is fitstivol to tester and then everyone else. Tester, you say this post is over 2 years old and that people should stop posting. There are unknown number of people who search for the same answer and today I am one of them. It’s November 2016 now and I am sure 2 years later some1 will come here and try to find an answer to their problem. So I say, thanks to anyone who keeps posting.

This post is absolutely relevant as it is now September 2018 and I am looking for answers to this same question.

@Andrea_Gephart To receive the best help start your own thread with the info such as year , make , engine and a good description of your problem .

Have intermittent no start problem with 2001 Sable six cylinder. It cranks and will run on starter fluid sprayed into air filter compartment but stops when fluid is used up. No diagnostic codes show up. Let the car sit for two weeks and then starts normally but had to be towed back home from store. My mechanic says he is “too old to take on problems like this.”