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2001 Mazda Tribute - driver's window only goes down after replacing motor and lifter

About a month ago, the driver’s window on my 2001 Mazda Tribute only went down. It would not roll up at all. I could hear and feel the motor try to work when i pressed the button, but no motion at all.

Today, I got a replacement motor and lifter assembly. I was able to get it set into place and lightly bolted in to test - up/down/up/down/up - worked great.
Tightened all the screws and bolts firmly - down/up/down/up - great!
I put the door panel and got it screwed back into place - down only - GRRR
I pulled the door panel back off and re-seated all the power connections - down only.
I reconnected the old motor outside the door - same as before.
I tried lifting the glass while pressing UP - won’t budge.
And my window is stuck in the full down again.
I am unhappy to say the least - this was a brand new motor, I would think it would be functional or I need to find out what is causing this issue to crop up so much - I can’t seem to find this exact issue via google or other repair forums.
Thanks in advance.

The problem might be with the window switch.

Apply battery voltage to one contact in the motor plug and then the other .

if the motor/regulator are good, it should move up and down.

That would indicate a problem with the switch.


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I tested the motor - direct to a car battery.
New motor and lifter assembly work just fine.
I have a replacement driver’s door switch on order.
Thanks for the suggestion.