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2001 Lincoln Continental Transmission sounds

I have a 2001 Lincoln Cont with 89,300 miles, out of warranty. I am hearing a low growling noise only when I decelerate. Today I had some steam coming out of the hood when I stopped driving, but not again. Two times when I was driving I heard very loud sounds like I had hit a tin can and it was rattling around underneath the car. It lasted 5 seconds, did not affect the driving of the car and has only happened twice in the last 2 months. My mechanic says there is a gear in the transmission going out. Should I replace it with a new transmission?

It sounds like he’s referring to a planetary gearset which is exactly what it sounds like. Overhaul is the only way to correct that. You can probably go for awhile on it but when it gets real bad, the needle bearings will start breaking and falling into the pan. Then its going to get real noisy.


Have you or your mechanic determined what this steam is?

Any chance of a failing water pump and the growl/steam is that instead of a transmission? Just wonderin’.

I’m taking it for a second opinion tomorrow. Thanks for your opinion.