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Lincoln Ls

My check engine light came on today and my fan has been running pretty loud for the last couple of days. Any guesses? ALso when i start hitting the gas under 1500 rpm there is a little rattle that i can here but it goes away around 1500 rpms and you can also hear it if you let of the gas and let the rpms go down then hit the gas again pretty hard?? It is a 2000 lincoln ls with the v8 around 110k, and i have had numerous problems with it. About 6 months ago i replace about 5,000$ worth of parts including, head gaskets, coolant clutch pump, power steering pump, timeing chains or belts, and other things because I was having overheating problems. I would appreciate any advice you have thanks a lot.

The 2000 model uses a hydraulic fan which was problematic.
The rattle could be a pre-ignition rattle due to an EGR system fault. This could mean a fault with the EGR system itself or the possibility that during all of this work something was not connected correctly, improperly connected and came loose, etc.

I’d get a chain type parts house (AutoZone is one) to scan the car for codes and see what’s there. They will do this for you free. This may lead to an EGR code but not likely one for a fan problem.

That’s a lot of expense for a 110k miles Lincoln LS and timing chains at that low a mileage?

Yea i had a egr(or something like that) replaced a few months ago it cost me about 120$ if i remember right, it was making a ticking noise every time i would accelerate and it fixed it right up i think it was a little black box with two tubes coming off it

That sounds like an EGR solenoid but there is more than one part involved in the EGR system. Maybe the EGR itself is faulty or there’s a control issue with it.(control issue meaning that the ECM is involved)

EGR ports could clog up and cause a problem but one would think, or hope, that this would have been taken care of with the heads off, etc.