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Transmission making noise


I have just changed my transmission because the old one failed me and i notice that it makes a buzzing noise. It only makes this noise while in drive or reverse but when parked the noise goes away. My car runs perfectly normal but doesnt seem to “sound” as if it did. Can some one please help with some answers

You need to go back over the exhaust system and make sure this is not a heat shield buzz or something else exhaust related.

what kind of vehicle is this? I agree with ok4450’s comment. without knowing what kind of buzzing sound you are talking about i would lean towards a heat shield vibrating on something and for it to go away while in park or neutral would be because the rpm’s are higher causing the vibration to go away. i had a noise similar to this on a jetta after i put a new clutch in and it was the heat shield on top of the exhaust manifold. or does your noise sound more like a servo or electrical buzzing noise?

Check your transmission fluid level. Make sure it’s done according to the owner’s manual procedures. A low transmission fluid level can make the torque converter whine or buzz under load.

Its a 2000 lincoln ls. V8 4d sedan. I just got the transmission changed and the repair man told me he had put new oil in the car. I have checked the exhaust and thats fine. What else should i do?

The buzzing noise sounds more like grinding gear. As if something wasnt placed right. Is this part of awful repair?

Has the mechanic check the flex plate to make sure all the bolts are tightened correctly. a loose bolt could cause this. The flex plate is what connects the driveshaft of the engine to the torque converter of the transmission.

@keith. I have not had him check that. But i will bring it up when i see hime again. Would u happen to have any other suggestions in case of that not being the problem?