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Condenser Fan = $500? Really?

I purchased my first foreign car this past year (a used 2005 Honda Element)and I am not sure about the repair costs. I was told while getting the oil changed that the condenser fan motor is not working and that it has to be replaced because if the other fan goes out then my car will overheat. This sounded odd and then he quoted me $500 for parts and labor. I thought a condenser fan ran about $100-$150. Am I being taken on this or is that about average for a foreign car?

I know that the fan for my Lincoln is over $400 just for the part.

Thanks, I usually have my husband take care of this but he is currently deployed and I wasn’t sure if I was being taken by the mechanic. I feel better about the price now.

Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion to make sure this is really necessary. You may just be able to start the car, turn on the AC, look to see if both of the fans behind the radiator are running. Even if the fan doesn’t run, that doesn’t necessarily mean the fan itself needs replacing, power may not be getting to the fan due to a relay or something else.

The part isn’t that expensive this is from,carcode,1431414,parttype,6712 :
2005 : HONDA : ELEMENT EX : 2.4L 2354cc L4 FI [K24A4] DOHC : Heat & Air Conditioning : A/C Condenser Fan Price Core Total Add to Cart
DORMAN Part # 620247 {#38611-PZD-A01, 38615-PZD-A01, 38616-P3G-003} Fully Assembled for Ease of Installation
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Your quote sounds like dealer pricing.

What is the labor portion of the $500? The part price often won’t tell you anything. An engine’s rear main seal is a very cheap “part” … installing it? Well, that’s a different story.

In any case, as mentioned I would get another opinion and another quote if the opinion is the same.

How did they determine the condenser fan was not working while they were changing the oil?

That would be my question - -that’s not usually something you test during a routine oil change. Or ever, really, unless you’re having air conditioning-related problems.

Should be able to get an aftermarket fan assy. for under $150. They were probably quoting dealer parts. At 1.6 hours labor $500 installed sounds like at least $100 too much depending on labor rates.

Just checked with my local Honda dealer and they’re charging about $250 just for the Genuine Honda fan motor so $500 does sound a little too high as I believe it’s only about one hour of labor, I could be wrong though.