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2001 Honda Odyssey-No heat or A/C-Expensive to Fix!

Hi, I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey with 126,333 miles. Love my car. Hate the amount of upkeep I’ve had to do lately, but want to keep the car.

My problem is no heat or a/c. The mechanic says they diagnosed a bad controller. Costs $440 just for the part. Anyone know what this part is exactly, and if I can get one at a junk yard? Any thoughts on this controller? Can’t find info on the 'net.


$440 does not seem out of line for such a specific part, hopefully install labor is minimal. I would try contacting local auto recyclers via the phone. Most auto recyclers do not list all the parts online as inventory gets very difficult.

I found several on ebay. Go to auto parts and accessories and type Honda Odyessey AC in the search area. It brings up lots of AC parts. The auto temp controller style is about $150 and the regular control is about $50 bucks. These are used units that the seller’s claim to be tested and working properly.

Intallation is a matter of pulling the old unit from the dash, unplugging the connectors, plugging the connectors into the new unit and reinstall.