Jeep Grand Che. A/C Heat run together

Jeep’s Heat runs along with the a/c. I was told the dashboard must be removed to access the part, the labor alone would be $1000.00, the part around 400.00. any ideas, am I being taken for a ride?

Probably taken for a ride. You did not list the model year but the temperature control assembly is probably bad. Check under the hood. If the control assembly is on the firewall left then it can be replaced easily. You could also have a mechanic take the heater hoses off and loop them for the summer. This will simply bypass the heater core which is providing the heat. You only need it in the winter. The AC system will work normally until you have the temperature control unit replaced.

It sounds like you have a air blend door problem. Hopefully the trouble is just due to a vacuum control hose that has come loose.

I agree with Cougar, although missilman may well be right. In either case I suggest that you may want to shop around. Those numbers sound like a dealer estimate and they are generally more expensive than a local independent mechanic.

If your Jeep is a WJ model (99-04) with the automatic HVAC then you probably do have a blend door problem. It is very common with this model. (I had it too)
The mid case unit is less than $400 for the part but the dash does need to be removed for replacement.

However there are alternate remedies, one is the HeaterTreater, you do not have to remove the dash and it is less money.