2015 Honda Odyssey A/C not blowing cold air

Model: 2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L

My car suddenly stopped blowing cold air. It looks like some sort of A/C problem. How can I start looking into this problem before I take it to the dealership? My car is out of the three year warranty. Is it better to take it to the local mechanic to save some money?

Take it to a shop that services AC systems

The AC system might need a recharge with refrigerant.


I was to trying to look for initial diagnosis tips but bringing the car to a shop is probably better.

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does a/c clutch engage when you turn on the a/c?

Yes it is

Unfortunately A/C systems are not really DIY friendly. Better to take it to an A/C specialist instead of risking doing more expensive damage to it trying to diagnosis or fix it.

Here is a quick list of things to help you before you bring it in.


google replace AC relay for your specific car. I went to a car parts store
and replaced my AC relays on both my accord and odyssey and they
both started working again!

Thank you all for the replies. I did take it to a shop and they said the need to replace the low side line, fix the high side line, replace the filter and recharge the freons which will cost $850 in total. This is a less a 4 year old car. Do the high side and low side lines get leaks this quickly? Why does it happen? Can I replace them by myself?

Lines are $30 each and feed into comp separately. So it’s not real complicated. But access is hard depending on engine bay layout. Do u have a vac pump and gauge Set?

Here’s a pretty good four-part tutorial on auto AC, why it fails, and how it’s repaired.