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1993 toyota camry ac

my ac is broken. i only get hot air. the guy at the shop told me that part i need will be 300 used. 800 new. i forgot the name of the part. but i was just wondering what that part could be and if the price was accurate. any ideas?

He’s probably describing the compressor. A/C parts can cost some $$, but it’s usually only the compressor that’ll run you that much. Well…maybe the condenser…

Assuming that we’re talking about the compressor, that sounds awfully high. Have you tried pricing around?

i havent looked around just because i never got around to it. but if it is the compressor, how much does that usually run for?

It really depends. On vehicles I’ve looked for they could be had for around $200 new, but I haven’t looked for your particular vehicle so take that with a grain of salt.

That said, you should be sure what part you really need before asking around. Have the mechanic remind you or something.

haha. yeahh. thats a good idea. thank you so much.