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Broken air conditioning

I have a Toyota Paseo 93. 120M miles I had all parts of A/C system replaced last yr at cost of about $750.00. Still A/C does not operate properly. Mech says I need a new electronic controller costing abt $400.00 used. I get some A/C but only when outside temp is relatively cool. so I think it is something to do with controller for A/C. Can anyone help me with this. I cant spend any more $$ on this. It’s something to do with the temp control of the A/C. Amy advice? I can’t find any repair manual for this. reply to Thanks.

The factory service manual should tell you about how things work.

The trouble may be with the vent or air blend door inside the air box and the cold air isn’t getting to where it should be going to, inside the car. This may also be due to trouble with the controller as the tech stated. You may be able to find a used one at a salvage yard for a reasonable price.