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2001 Honda Civic - Noise from Rear of Car

I have a 2001 Honda Civic, 4 door, 144K, original owner, 5 speed transmission with brand new tires and new brakes all around. Whenever going around a sharp curve, there is noise coming from the back, almost as if the tire is scraping the wheel well. The new tires are the same size as the OEM tires that came with the car brand new. My thought is perhaps work out shocks? Does anyone have an idea?

Make sure that the splash guards and plastic shields around the inside of the wheel well have not come loose. They may be rubbing on the tire.

The shocks may be worn out, or a spring might be broken. Have the suspension checked by a professional. Definitely a safety issue.

With a 10 year old car with 144,000 miles on the odometer, the likelihood of you needing new struts is pretty good, but be sure before you start throwing parts (and money) at the problem. That’s about the time when I replaced all four struts on my 1998 Civic.

When you find out how much it costs to replace the struts, you might get a case of sticker shock. When that happened to me, I watched for sales and coupons, and was able to get all four done for a decent price and save a couple hundred dollars. If you plan to keep your Civic for a long time, and the struts are really the problem, try to find struts that come with a lifetime warranty on at least the parts. It might not be easy to find struts that come with a lifetime warranty on both parts and labor.

Was the brake work and tire replacement done recently, and, is that when the noise started?

Have the sway bar links checked also. I replaced both of them on my daughter’s '04 Civic with just 65K miles. The links are noisy but not separated on my '04 with 143K.