2001 Honda Civic growling

I have this 2001 Honda Civic and it runs great. There are no problems with it except I notice that there is a low level growl, kinda like a machine starting up slowly, when I accelerate. It usually makes this noise when I’m starting from a dead stop and I don’t know if it continues above like 30 or 40 because the road noise overwhelms it. I haven’t taken it in to a repair shop yet because I’d like to get an idea of what it is first before I prostrate myself upon the mechanic’s floor. I suspect that it might be the CV joint but I’m not sure. Nothing has been done on it recently other than oil changes and highway driving. Anybody got any ideas?

Get your in-board (near the transmission) CV joints checked. Eyeball the rubber boots of course. Make sure they didn’t leak out their grease and run dry.

You did not give the mileage on the car, but I’d suspect one or both front hub bearings.

A 2001 Honda Civic should not have a level of road noise to overwhelm anything like that at 30-40 mph. I suspect you have a bad wheel bearing that has been creeping up on you, largely unnoticed. If this is the case, you will be amazed at how stone quiet your car is after you get it fixed.

+1 Wheel bearing