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Rough ride for my 2001 Civic

I have noticed in the past few weeks that my car ride has become very rough as I go over bumps in the road (which we have a lot of after this winter). It is quite loud and feels like I have lost “support” in the front end (sorry - I have limited car knowledge). Could this just be due to old tires (50k miles)? Struts? Something else?

At 10 years old it could be worn out struts, bushings etc.
Get a good independent mechanic to check out the whole suspension system.
It could also be old tires with hardened tread worn thin or overinflation.
Don’t go more than 5 psi over what the door jamb sticker says.

Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of. Any idea how much it would run me to repair the suspension? Or should I be afraid to ask!

It could range from $100 for a minor part like a bushing to $1000+ for new struts and a ball joint or two.

How many miles on the car?
Have you checked the tire pressure lately?