Struts on Honda Civic 2001 EX

My 2001 Honda Civic EX(78K) has developed a knocking sound from the front right wheel. It as though I am constantly driving on a road filled with pot holes. The Honda dealer thinks it could be due to the front struts, but they are not sure. They have recently changed the compliance bushings and I am finding this problem after this work was done. Could the above issue be related to the bushings or the struts or anything else.

Compliance bushings?

Do you feel it could be the compliance bushing? Or is that just a question? The compliance bushings can be seen when you look between the front of the tire and the fender opening, it is bolted to the car body through the lower control arm and what looks like the subframe for the engine.

It certainly could be the struts. You’ve got enough mileage on pot holed roads to wear the old ones out. And they do clunk when they’re shot.

Did you ever find out what the problem was? If it was the struts, how much did it cost to replace?.

This thread is 11 years old so the price they paid is no longer relevant. Different places has different price structures as well as location also matters. You just have to get estimates and choose one.

I understand, I was just courious on the pricing at that time…

What good would that do you? The struts they got may not be made anymore - they may not have been high quality - the shop may have been the lowest or highest price in their area where ever that is.

True. Good points!

Struts are expensive. Four struts for a Civic cost about $1,100 including parts and labor. I know because the struts on my Civic (installed at about 180,000 miles) came with a lifetime warranty on the parts. I just had them replaced at 300,000 miles and the cost (labor only) came to about $550.

Still a good investment. 300,000 miles, that’s amazing…

If you could see it, you might not think so. It’s quite en eyesore. I’d like to get rid of it, but it’s just too useful. I recently installed a class 1 trailer hitch and towing wiring harness to fetch my small utility trailer from my brother’s house, and now I’m tempted to keep it just for using with the trailer.

If it’s a antique, you should just store it and invest in it.