01' CivicEX Slightly Harsh Wobble sound from rear

While picking up speed it starts off with a slow wobble. Then at around 55mph it’s noticeable harsh wobble coming from rear. I replaced both rear bearings and that changed nothing.

I noticed when it is slighty cooler outside and the car has sat for a while the noise isn’t so bad but, still there.

Very annoying and i hoipe it isn’t ruinning something.



Does the noise increase in frequency as vehicle speed increases?

Has anyone inspected the tires?

Rotate the rear tires to the front and the front tires to the rear. See if the wobble and noise move. If so, there is a problem with one of the tires now on the front. Run your hand over the front tires trying to feel for any inconsistancy. If negative move the car couple of feet forward and repeat the hand test.

Maybe this will narrow the problem. Get back to us with results.

I’m with Researcher. I’ll just add that if the wobble moves with the tires and you don’t feel anything uneven about the tires, have them balanced and see if that helps. You could have just thrown a wheel weight - not too uncommon. I’d probably have someone check the tire balance either way.

yes only slightly nad no one has inspected the tires

Running a hand over a tire can result in a shreaded hand/fingers from exposed steel belts. You’ll only do this once, and from then on only do visual inspections.


Turned out to be my rear struts. They were causing feathering on my rear tires causing the sound. My tires had irregular rub marks and flat spots on the tread making it sound like jeep or gnarley tires.

                           THE END