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2001 honda civic no start

have a 2001 honda civic 1.7 has new fuel pump ran good for a week now wont start is there any tsbs or recalls about this could it be a cam sensor or something im a nissan tech and only played with a couple hondas here and there just wonderin if someone may have some advice thanks

What needs to be know first is whether it’s a lack of spark or fuel. Spray some aerosol carb cleaner into the intake and see if it runs for a second or two.

Possibilities could be a faulty distributor or ignition switch. Some Hondas of this era are under a Recall for ign. switches but I don’t think the 2001 Civic is one of them. However, many similar ones outside of the Recall suffer the same problems as the ones that are covered.

Some Hondas had issues with the cylinder heads wearing and allowing the tdc sensor not to read, can’t remember the year range. Do you have any codes stored, spark, or fuel pressure. Another common issue with Hondas is the fuel pump relay.


The problem might be with PGM/FI relay or the crankshaft position sensor.

If you’re a Nissan tech, looking up on trouble-shooting these systems should be pretty easy for you.


Mrs @Tester…turn the thermostat up. Tester is starting to stttuuutttter again.

I thought you had that fixed!!!



This is what I would test

fuel pressure . . . might have to tee in, Japanese often don’t have a test port

Any stored fault codes?

Is the engine cranking over much faster than normal?

Are you sure there’s enough fuel in the tank? I don’t mean to be insulting. I’ve seen guys replace a fuel pump, when the problem was the tank didn’t have enough fuel to start