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2001 Honda Civic EX: weird engine issue!

So I posted an inquiry at least 2 years ago about this and now that the forum site has changed I can’t access the suggestions.

My 2001 Honda has only 33,500 miles on it but I think it’s cursed by the lemon gods. Aside from having been t-boned on each side, and the whole outer structure having to be replaced (aside from hood, roof, and trunk), I’ve had this annoying problem that occurs when my tank has 1/3 or less gas in it. When the tank is full or above 1/3, it seems fine, runs great. But when it falls below 1/3, it starts to miss and jerk when I accelerate. My check engine light went on when this first started happening and the code says it’s running lean.

When this first started happening (over 2 years ago) I took it to one of the local dealers. I took it in 3 times. Each time they couldn’t figure out what was wrong; once they replaced the oxygen sensor and the other times they just added something to the fuel (like a cleaner). The check engine light would go off for maybe a week and then it would go on again and the original problem was still there even after they replaced the oxygen sensor.

So it’s time for me to go to DEQ and to renew my registration, but I can’t pass DEQ unless the check engine light is off. I could probably have the dealer temporarily turn it off, but I’d rather figure out what the problem is and get it fixed. Has anyone ever heard of this problem? What do I do?

The dealers have suggested that maybe it’s the fuel filter but as it’s located in the gas tank and I would have to spend a ton of moolah for them to even get in there and look at it, I’d like some more assurance about what’s wrong with this thing.

Help!! And thanks!

I should add that the specific diagnostic code is PO171–System too Lean (Bank 1)

If you get it turned off it must stay off for 40 ignition cycles for the history codes to clear,does your State look at history codes?

Good question. I don’t know…I live in Oregon. The report printout shows that everything else checked by the DEQ system would have passed. Seems to me that they base their pass/fail on the current state of the car.