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2001 Honda Civic HX

For about a month my car would randomly not start. Everything else would turn on: radio, lights, AC. everything BUT the engine. there wasn’t any clicking noise or anything coming from the front of my car. it would take anywhere from 3-17 times of me trying to start it until it would finally work. My mechanic said it was the starter. So we replaced the starter. then a month and 3 days after having the start installed it happened again. I took it in, they said it might be a relay or a few other things, but the only way to know is next time it happens to NOT start the car, but have it towed in so they can look at it.

any suggestions would help, and do i have to wait until it happens again to figure out the issue or should i go have someone else look at it.

Think about your neutral safety switch. The car will not crank unless the the transmission is in neutral or park (for an automatic). Try jiggling the shifter while you turn the key, or try starting it in neutral if you usually use park.

(I think cars with a manual tranny have a similar switch on the clutch pedal but I may be displaying my ignorance here)

Thanks but tried that has well it didn’t help