2001 Honda Civic Won't Start Issue Unkown

Hello All. I am currently trying to figure out what might be wrong with my Honda Civic. I have at this point replaced the battery terminals and the alternator within the last few months. The car was running well until a few hours ago when it wouldn’t start. The Dashboard will light up briefly and then just die upon turning the key. I am currently charging the battery, which when I tested was at 70% charge and was at 12.7 volts. I am unsure what the issue might be as the car doesn’t stay on long enough to start cranking.

Thank you for taking the time.

it might be the same problem you had 2 years ago. first make sure the battery cables are clean and tight. charge battery to see if it will start. I would have the battery check at your local autoparts store. most will do this for free. also, you have to make sure your alternator is working correctly, or it will not charge your battery correctly.

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Is your ignition switch going bad?

As far as I can tell its not the same issue as from two years ago, though I will check. As for the ignition switch I will definitely look into that

There is a Recall on the ignition switches for no-start or stalling conditions. If this Recall has never been performed you can likely have it done free of charge IF the Recall has never been performed previously. Call the Honda dealer with the VIN and ask. Have any other outstanding Recalls done at the same time.

It’s easy to test with a test light or voltmeter. There should be a black/yellow wire lead from the ignition switch connector. It should have power in both the RUN and the START positions. Offhand, sounds like it’s losing contact in the RUN position.
The switch contacts burn and degrade over time due to heat.

In the event there is no power in the RUN position you could run a hot jumper to that black/yellow lead. That could get it going long enough to have the Recall done IF applicable but should not be left connected as it will run the battery down PDQ.
If the Recall has been done in the past then this repair would be on your dime. DIY would be 50 bucks or so I surmise.