2001 Honda Civic check engine light

I have a 01 honda civic 5 speed. On start up the engine light flashes 13 times and I hear clicking coming from the dash. While doing it the rpm hand bounces when it stops flashing the hand stops working. While driving im loosing power and when I get up to 65 mph the car start jumping like the motor is trying to jump out. What could be the problem someone plz help me!

Check the diagnostic error codes. If nothing found there, this could possibly be caused by a problematic crank position sensor. Those sometimes don’t throw a code. Another idea , if you have variable valve timing, possibly the actuator is failing. That usually throws a code.

have you brought the car to an auto store like autozone or advance auto? They can scan the light for free. Then post the codes it reads here. A flashing check engine light is almost never a good sign. It could be a major malfunction.

You should not be driving this car in this condition.

A solid check engine light (CEL) is not urgent. You can drive it to the shop with a solid CEL, but if your CEL is flashing, it is telling you there is a serious problem, and driving the car in that condition could make things worse.

Have the car towed to a shop. If a flashing CEL wasn’t enough to stop you from driving your car, fixing whatever the problem is is beyond your abilities.

2001 was the first year of a new generation, but if it’s like my 1999 Civic, 13 flashes indicates a problem in the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) circuit. There’s a MAP sensor in the throttle body. There is a service check connector behind the passenger side kick panel. Jumping its connection causes the check engine light to flash - the number of flashes indicates the trouble area. It’s a low-cost way to start diagnostics, but using an electronic code reader (as suggested above) provides more info. It seems like someone has left a jumper wire in the service connector.

The high speed miss, and the intermittent tachometer, suggest a distributor problem. The clicking under the dash suggests fuel pump relay problem. It is not expensive to replace. The ignition switch is involved in the fuel pump circuit. Hondas in years before yours and mine had a high rate of ignition switch failure. Those switches can still be a problem, in many brands of cars.

Running an engine with a flashing CEL is asking for more trouble.

Is this a Civic 5-speed that, like so many, was subjected to “performance” enhancements?

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