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Accord 2003 Noise

I ahve a 2003 V6 Honda Accord with close to 100,000 Miles and now notice a noise (wheel-bearing type) when the vehicle is moving. A bit louder at higher speeds. All maintenance has been done as scheduled. Tires are still (30,000 miles) and inflated. Wheel-bearing? Other? Cost?

Does The Sound Change (Volume, Pitch) When Making A Fairly Tight Sweeping Curve To The Right Or To The Left Or Does It Remain Unchanged In The Curve ?


Well, lets see…“a noise” when the vehicle is moving…

  • a CD case rattling in a door pocket?
  • a loose jack or associated component?
  • a loose heat or splash shield?
  • a loose piece of trim on the car?
  • a loose fender splash shield?
  • an unevenly worn tire or set of tires?
  • a loose ground strap on the ignition sending radio feedback?
  • debris in the blower motor?
  • brake wear indicators?
  • etc. etc.

I’m obviously kidding with some of those (like a rattling CD) - but seriously - all you said is that the car makes a noise and you want diagnosis and cost.

Can you elaborate?

Yes, hard to imitate, but it’s not a rattling or anything that is loose. Sounds a bit like worn tires, a constant low level noise, like driving on grooved pavement. tires seem ok and relatively new (2 years, 30,000 miles). All work done / scheduled maintenance at dealer, so presuambly they are rotating as necessary.

Hello . . . ?

At 30K miles the tires are not out of suspicion.

But are you going to answer common sense answer’s question?

No, the noise does not seem to change volume or pitch when turning or at least that I have been able to immitate.