2001 Honda Accord EX

I seem to have lost my owner’s manual and know that my 105K maint. is coming due. Does anyone have that as an attachment? Tried googling. No luck.

You might be able to get a used owner’s manual from


Try the Edmunds site. Registering your car includes an online maintenance schedule.

Ed B.

Here’s what Honda recommends for 105,000 mile maintenance service.

Inspect: Axle shaft dust boots, cooling system hoses/clamps, exhaust system, fluids/lubricants, brake system, fuel system, suspension system, steering system, exterior lights, valve clearance.

Replace: Oil/filter, air filter, spark plugs, timing belt/water pump.

Rotate tires.


I believe most cars have a my brand website.

Try using google with my honda as keywords. Usually you can sign up and get loads of info including maintenance schedule, sometimes owner manual as PDF and other stuff.


Click on the URL and join the Honda Ownerlink group. The maintenance schedule for you car is there. You don’t need it now thanks to Tester, but you can use it for all future maintenace work.