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ACCORD maintenance schedule?

Where can I get a schedule for maintaining my newly purchased 2010 Honda Accord?. When I purchased my car the dealer told me that the indicators in the car would tell me, but I would like to know what the recommended maintenance schedule is for car. For example, for my 1991 Accord I had a schedule that said I needed to change the timing belt every 90K miles, etc.


The owner’s manual.

Where is your owners manual? The maintenance schedule should be listed in the manual. If you did not get an owners manual then go back to seller of the vehicle and ask for one.

The 4-cylinder doesn’t have a timing belt. The V-6 does.

I hope you’re not telling us that Honda no longer includes a maintenance schedule in the owner’s documentation.

Please say it isn’t so.

I dunno if Honda does what other manufacturers do and allow you to download maintenance schedules and owner manuals from their website

Okay guys, don’t harass the OP; yet. The owner’s manual would tell you to go with the maintenance minder. The MM is supposed to give you oil life left and also a number which would indicate which one of the other items listed in the manual you should go with. Like some number would be for oil change, plus ATF drain/refill, coolant change, etc.

Not the best system IMHO, but that is what has happened due to drivers that do not want to open that small book in the glove box.

By the way, probably the engine calls for 0W-20 synthetic oil with close to 10K oil change interval (or 12 months, whichever comes first. Most owners seem to go 7.5K and also do ATF drain at 30K, brake fluid change every 2 years and so on. So you get the picture.

You should have an owner’s manual in your glove-box. Look there first. If there is not one there, go back to the dealer and get one. Or go to ANY Honda dealer and get one.

I did find a link online that promises to provide a manual for your year and model.

I didn’t check it out. Likely you will just get sent to some advertisement. You might get access to a PDF of your car’s manual.

Although this is certainly not as nice as having a handy list of things that need doing, you can at least work with it, I think…

You just put in your mileage, and it’ll give you a list of what’s due…which may be handy if it’s still a couple thousand away and you want to gather the parts first.

Increasingly the mfg’rs are building service reminders into the car’s electronics. The lack of preventive maintenance info in the owner’s manual is an issue. Dealer’s routinely recommend excessive services, and without a maintenance schedule in a manual owner’s have less information to differentiate a needed service from a bogus dealer upsell service.

My latest car is an '04 so I haven’t encountered this issue personally but if I were to buy a new car I’d make an effort to find a maintenance schedule for it. The manufacturer should publish a schedule on line at the very least.

This is a consumer beware situation which will further erode customers trust of dealer recommended services. Automotive writers and experts like “Click and Clack” need to speak out on this issue to protect auto buying consumers.

Here is the normal scheduled mtc.

The OP just purchased a 2010 Accord but that does not mean that it’s a new car. Most often, any used car has paperwork and manuals removed to prevent the new owner from finding out info about the prior owner, remove any references to any past problems, or whatever the case may be.

You would be well advised to ignore the indicators in the car. By the time the car tells you something is wrong or needed it may be too late.

If you don’t have the maintenance schedule (a different book than the owner’s manual), you can get one at the Honda owner’s web site. Just register your car in their database, and all the manuals are available. You won’t find a recommendation for oil changes, except to follow the Maintenance Minder. Auto makers have worked on automated maintenance reminder systems for almost 40 years. Even Honda, a very conservative company, is on the band wagon now. I think you can trust them. The one thing that folks around here disagree with the manufacturers most with is the auto transmission fluid change. Do it every 30,000 miles.

Maintenance reminders are based on your driving style. Aggressive driving, stop-and-go, etc… will get the MM to advise a maintenance sooner than a driver who is less aggressive and does more highway miles. Otherwise, you can go to a Honda service dept, and they will usually have a sheet that has mileage based service recommendations.

“Maintenance reminders are based on your driving style”

Not all…My 4runner and wifes Lexus…it’s strictly based on mileage (every 5k miles).

And ANY monitor that says not to change before 7.5k miles should be ignored.

I am interpreting the OPs question a little differently than the rest of you. Apparently he does read the owners manual or did with his 91 Accord. He also understands that the MM will tell him when maintenance is due.

I think he is concerned that the dealer will perform unneeded maintenance in order to pad the bill, or he wants to do it himself and needs to find an interpretation of what the MM is telling him.

It should be in the owners manual, but a lot of car companies are assuming that the buying public is too stupid to understand o just don’t care and will blindly follow the service writers orders. I don’t own a 2010 Accord so I don’t know what is in the owners manual, maybe its there, maybe not.

The manual calls for 5w-20 dino oil in the 2010 Accord.

So Honda recommends changing the oil filter every 20,000 miles? Wow! I wouldn’t go there!

Another gem:
Adjust the valves during services A, B, 1, 2, or 3 only if they are noisy.
(IOW do a real clearance check at timing belt change: 110,000 mi.)

My sympathies! I bought a 2007 Accord V6,and almost wished i hadn’t because of the
user manual.

They dealers, and their service staff will tell you what to do what is said in the manual.
They want to keep their jobs.

I would NEVER go by their MAINTENCE schedule if i want to keep my car many years.

I was sold on the reliabilty and low maintence costs when i bought mine. However

Grampy, I Read Your Post Twice. I Don’t Get What You’re Saying. What’s Up With The Maintenance Schedule And What Does " I was sold on the reliabilty and low maintence costs when i bought mine. However " Mean ? Please Explain.