2007 4 cyl. Honda Accord

My car has 85,000 miles on it and I’m 85 too, so I need my doodlebug to last until they rip up my drivers license. I want to give it all the maintenance service it should have at this time, but I’m getting different recommendations from various service shops. I change the oil & filter regularly, had a tranny & brake fluid flush at 30,000 and a fuel system cleaning at 53,000. The car runs great and I need to keep it that way as long as possible, so any suggestions as to what services should be performed will be greatly appreciated.

The manufacturer gave you the answer in your owner’s manual.

there is really no more magic to this car than what the owner’s manual states. I am a prior owner of a 2000 Accord and drove that thing into the 300K mile mark. So being at 85K, follow your manual and you will be fine.

Also, congrats at getting to 85…not everyone does.

Yup, see the owners’ manual.

And I’m pretty sure your Owner’s Manual will say: Follow the Maintenance Minder on your information display. The computer figures it all out for you.

If you haven’t changed the transmission fluid or brake fluid since the 30,000 mile work, it’s time to do it again. Good news: you have a timing chain, not a belt, and you don’t have to worry about it.