2001 Honda Accord brake noise

Squeaking in back sound, like metal on metal. Ex hubby was a mechanic. Had him look at it said back passenger side rotor was bad, he put on new rotor and a new set of pads for the back. Now braking is worse than ever, almost non existent. Was braking before just fine, but worried about the noise. Hear a lot of brake problems with 2002 and Mine 2001 Honda Accords, mine is a 6 cyl EX. Help !

Best option: Have it towed to an independent mechanic and have the entire system checked and serviced. The calipers may need replacing.
Meh option: Call your ex.

I bet he didn’t bleed the brakes. Air in line.

Did the ex use one of these to rotate the pistons back into the calipers?



Looks like your friend blew one of the caliper piston when trying to retract it to install new pads. Your pedal will sink to the floor immediately if this is the case. Best solution is to replace both calipers,flush the old brake fluid and bleed the system.

It been two+ days, doubt if the OP will respond.