2001 grand am trunk opens when started!


I just fixed the classic “grand am not starting” problem when i left the key in the start position for 10 minutes. My interior lights wil not shut off so i have had to unplug the rear-view mirror and switch off the dome light to save the battery. BUT NOW when i start my car the trunk opens by itself. How can i fox this correctly?


I’m not sure a ‘fox’ is what you need. They don’t like gremlins either.

Seriously, your car is having some bad electrical problems. Circuits are staying on when they shouldn’t, and others are getting crossed signals. To even begin fixing this car, you need a wiring diagram. I’m hoping there is a single module that all these signals go thru, and can be replaced. That would fix the problem.

As a work-around, tho, you could look in the trunk near where the trunk latch is, and you should be able to find the solenoid that actuates the power trunk feature. Just unplug the solenoid. Of course, you’ll have to use the key until the circuits are fixed.