2001 GMC 1500 - Noisy AC

A/C makes noise like a fan blade hitting spokes of a by cycle wheel
I can turn a/c off and back on sometime stops, can speed up and it quits. Heater fan not affected only a/c. When it isn’t making noise the unit cools fine

I suspect you are hearing a blend door actuator.

If the noise is from the engine compartment it could be cooling fan #2.

does the noise get faster the higher the blower speed is turned up? I have had blower wheels come apart and make a noise similar to what I understand you are describing.

The blower motor was fine the heater had worked all winter. The problem ended up being the A/C compressor was eating its self up. Replaced working fine. A fairly knowledgeable friend suggested a bearing in the compressor starting to go. When I took it into the shop it worked fine, no noise they took it out again the next day heard the noise but it didn’t last long enough to trace. When they went to change the tensioner (it was bad) they saw the damage to the compressor


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Glad you got it fixed, and thanks for sharing the solution! It may help someone else down the line.

its possible it was the clutch pulley bearing also. i had one go out this spring on my kids car. though having a shop do the clutch drum vs changing the compressor is still a fairly pricey job.