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Cavalier 2003 A/C

When I turn on the a/c I feel/hear vibrations from the dash. Almost like a subwoofer - a solid note though. Shut the a/c off, the fans in front of the engine shut off and it sounds fine. Cooling fluid is fine. No noticeable shakes under hood. Any clue? thanks.

There may be leaves in the blower motor. Does the sound change when you change the fan speed?
You should be able to remove the blower motor under the right side of the dash and clean it out.

the sound is the same throughout the fan speeds.

new info. the radiator fans continue to run when the engine is shut off. a/c off. the noise continues. thanks.

nevada - I removed the blower motor and ordered a new one. not installed. Today the gauge said hotter than normal engine and started shaking. Car was in heavy traffic. No a/c or heat. Temp went down then car stopped shaking. thanks!

Is the noise/vibration coming from the radiator fan or blower motor?