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2003 Sable 3L water in A/C fan

Water has collected in the AC fan housing and I have not been able to find any leaks in windshield etc.

So I wondering if it could be a plugged A/C drain but am unable located that drain to check it out.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


The drain tube should be on the firewall, low on the passenger side. You may have to raise the car and get underneath to reach it.

DO NOT crawl under a car supported only by a jack. Use ramps or jackstands if you must get under the car.

Taurus’ & Sables have a TSB ( technical service bulletin ) issued years ago, 03/04, pertaining to water intrusion through the right lower windshield/cowl. There is a plastic cover and stuff the bodyshop does to re-seal this area. Also a possible need for a new resistor or fan motor.
Visit your Ford dealer for more info on TSB #04-15-3 or #03-15-6

Thanks McParadise,
Does it actually have a tube or just an opening in the firewall?

Had the same thing happen to me. It’s not too hard to do this repair yourself. Check out for the details. YOu can find the parts listing from (subscription based). I had to replce the heater resistor (two screws and one plug ~ 15 minutes) and the heater blower fan assembly (about 30 minutes after removing the glove compartment) AFTER I fixed the water leak based on the TSB mentioned. I bought my parts from a Ford dealer online after I got the Ford part numbers. Resistor F6DZ19A706AA, Fan Blower Assembly 1F1Z19805AA. I can’t remember the other part numbers. My AllData subscription expired. Cost for the subscription is about $30/year. Well worth the cost considering it gives you access to all the TSB’s for the vehicle!

Here is a link to the TSB
Good luck! You can purchase the parts from a place like