2001 Ford Focus A/C Needs Recharged


My daughters 2001 Ford Focus has a pin hole leak in the ac system. Last year the dealer said it was $1200 to fix. The repair man said just recharge each year. I know how to recharge a system, I have the equipment, but I can’t find the recharge port on the Focus. They are usually very visible and easy to identify. Does anyone know where Ford hides the recharge port on a Focus?



It’s probably on the accumulator/dryer. It’s the can looking thing between the evaporator and the compressor.

Note that if this system leaked all the way down to nothing, or close to nothing, air and moisture have entered the system. Simply recharging will not remove the air and eventually the A/C system will sustain major damage. The leak should be repaired and the sytem evacuated before recharging.

$1200 is an absolutely BOGUS figure for a pinhole leak. It’s practically appauling. Unless it’s a compressor leak, which I doubt since it’s pinhole. A leak in a refrigerant line should cost $500-$600 to fix with labor and a recharge. A leak at an o-ring should cost around $400.

If you are going to recharge the system on your own, be sure to use one can of refrigerant that contains leak detector dye. Dupont and Prestone make these available in 12oz cans. That way you can pinpoint the leak yourself. You will likely need UV light (either a penlight, flashlight, or you could install UV bulbs in your garage light fixture if you have flourescent lighting) to see the leak.

Don’t use any of that stuff that has leak sealer, o ring conditioner, system cleaners, and other bogus additives. Leak sealants can actually harm an A/C system. All these chemicals are useless. Other than the one can that comes blended with UV dye, use plain old r134a (either the generic stuff, or the Dupont Suva).