2001 Escape not running

My mother has a 2001 ford escape and it doesn’t seem to be accepting the gas going thru it, replaced fuel filter and fuel pump seems to be working. What would cause it to idle under 3000 rpms, and die consistantly?

Lots of things.

3000 RPM is not idle speed. Do you mean that it is idling at 300 RPM instead of the normal 700-800 RPM?
Does it only stall at idle? Does it ever stall when your foot is on the gas pedal? Does it seem to run okay while you have your foot on the gas pedal?

Depending on the answers to the above questions, it might be that your idle air bypass valve (IAC) has stuck closed.

No it won’t idle very much at all, when you don’t touch the gas pedal. It’s not drivable at the moment. When you do hit the gas pedal It will only go up to 3000 rpms and won’t go any higher than that. it stalls all the time.

Sorry i guess i did make my statements kind of un-detailed… When you start it, it will idle normally for about 10 seconds before starting to act up. And if you hit the gas pedal it will just go up to 3000 rpms and won’t go any higher than that. And once you rev it up it won’t idle again when you let go of the gas, it will die right away. I just need idea’s on what it could possibly be so i can start checking things before paying ridiculous amounts of money to have it fixed.

I am experiencing a very similar-sounding problem with my 2001 Escape, which has all of the same symptoms as yours. I have taken it to the mechanic 4 times, and he’s stumped. He’s tried checking and changing the 02 sensor, no change. All he seems to be able to do is run a computer diagnostic, and the computer never identifies the problem. He’s suggested I go to the dealer and have them check the “oil separator” box. The guy at the dealer doesn’t even know what that is!! Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!