2001 Ford Escape

I drive a 2001 Ford Escape, V-6, 3.0L, dual overhead cams. Recently I noticed my car has sometimes (not always) been idling on the low side (below 1,000 rpms) and and sometimes (not always) the rpms would drop so low my car would restart and I would have to restart my car. When trying to restart my car, it would take it a few tries before it will turn over. Also, I noticed that sometimes when I start my car first thing in the morning, it would take a few tries for it to start before it would turn over, but it usually happens first thing in the morning, and if I had start my car any other time during the day, I generally would not have any problems. This anomaly is puzzling me. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry…i reread my post and need to clarify one part…sometimes the rpms would drop so low my car would shut off…not restart…sorry.

Has the CEL (Check engine light) come on recently? Has all the regular maintenance been done (like spark plugs and wires, air cleaner etc.

That’s one of the things I find puzzling…the check engine light has not come on. It’s about due for an oil change, but other than that, everything else is ok.

Something just donned on me…is it possible my fuel filter needs to be replaced?

Will it start and run with just a tiny amount of pressure on the accelerator pedal to crack open the throttle plate a tiny bit? If so, it is probably the IAC (idle air control) valve. Clean or replace it.

If I press on the accelerator gently while trying to start it, it will not start. I usually have to just a wait a few minutes and try again and again before it turns over. But if it’s running and I’m sitting at a stop light and the rpms start to drop a little, I can press on the accelerator gently and the rpms will increase (and then return to below 1000 rpms). Did my answer help you out any?

It is probably not the IAC valve.