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Ford escape stalling

I have a 2007 ford escape. I t has been sputtering and stalling. I have replaced the fuel pump, the tps, coils, plugs, fuel filter, had the fuel injectors cleaned. I’m stumped. The only other thing I have seen is transmission fluid change, which is overdue, but would that cause it to stall?

The problem might be with a faulty Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve controls the engines idle speed whenever the accelerator is released.


Thank you, but it also loses speed/dies when the accelerator is being pressed. If it was a clogged fuel line, would it run at all? It starts runs, dies while driving and /or idling.

It could be a failing pickup coil (signal generator) in the distributor, if it has a distributor. Or a failing crankshaft position sensor. Those things tell the ignition system when to fire a spark, to which spark plug.

Clogged cat is another possibility. Is the check engine light on? Have you checked for pending and active diagnostic codes stored in ECM memory yet?