2001 Envoy Vibrates

I am serving in the US Navy stationed in Jacksonville, FL and I can’t help my mom from Florida. My mothers 2001 Envoy shakes at idol and she had a complete major tune up and had the motor mounts replaced. It still shakes and vibrates and it is still concerning her. She took it to the dealer and they do different things charge her thousands of dollars and still vibrates. Do you have any ideas? Anything will help. Thank you so so much.


Do you have any idea what they HAVE done to it? Sounds to me like the dealer doesn’t know what their doing.

You don’t fix a problem by throwing parts at it and hope you get lucky. (At the expense of your customer)

I suspect the IAC (Idle Air Control) system needs cleaning. It’s possible the valve MAY need replacing.

If she can find a reputable independent tech/shop I think she will be better off.

Ask family, friends or co-workers who they like.

Does it vibrate all of the time, only while moving, or at certain speeds?

It vibrates all the time.