2001 Ford Escort 2-door coupe idles rough

Just had it tuned up, also had “transmission mount” replaced but car still vibrates a lot when idling. Any ideas?

Did you tell them it was shaking and ask them to diagnose it, or just tell them to tune it up?

I would also look at the receipt and post what was included in the “tune up.” That will help people know what kinds of things can be crossed off the list.

If you don’t have an actual list of the work performed, ask for one.

There’s a hundred things that can cause a rough idle. You did not state how many miles are on the car but in a shop setting a compression test should always be performed first.
One low cylinder is all it takes to cause a rough idle and no amount of parts changing is going to fix it.
One always weeds out the possibility of a mechanical fault as step number one.

I have the same problem with the same car. I find it hard to believe that this car could run as smoothly and powerfully as it does at speed if there was a compression problem. I’ve done the tuneup thing with wiring harness and filters, checked for vacuum leaks, replaced motor/transmission mounts, all to no avail. I strongly suspect a computer or sensor problem but I haven’t pursued that yet. Good Luck!

Escorts are not known for being the smoothest idling cars and in most cases this is made even worse when the a/c is engaged. Sometimes cleaning the MAF sensor and IAC valve will improve the idle, but seldom completely eliminates the roughness. I own 5 Escorts and 2 of the 5 have a rough idle especially noticeable when the a/c is engaged.

@Oldegold, this was a fairly old post though I suppose using it works just as well as starting a new one.

Pull the vacuum line from your EGR valve temporarily. Plug up the vacuum line (a golf tee is actually about the right size but anything will do) and cap the valve itself. See if that helps. (This will set a code eventually). In my experience the springs in those can get quite weak; they thus open too much or even when they shouldn’t, but it can really misbehave badly before the PCM “decides” to call it a problem and set a code. If that helps you then want to check the hole EGR system (DPFE sensor, vacuum solenoid, feeder pipe, and of course the valve).

I had the same car. It idled pretty rough right from the start but always ran well. I think it’s just the design of this DOHC 2.0 engine.