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My 2002 Ford Escort sedan vibrates when it comes to a stop

whenever I am at a stop light or stop sign and need to make a complete stop it vibrates. It gets a little bit worse as time goes by. I have to let it go of my steering wheel because it gets annoying. Its fine when I am driving it only does this when I have to stop and have the foot on the brake pedal.

I have done so much to this car already. I would like to get a new one but can’t afford the car payment right now. I will tell you what I have done to this car in the three months time I have had it.

1. Full synthetic oil change.

2. Power steering flush

3. Brake fluid flush

4. 4 wheel alignment

5. 2 new tires

6. 2 new brake pads and rotor. It will not pass inspection if I did not have this done.

7. a brand new battery

8. A tuneup at Big O Tires which got me new spark plugs

9. New spark plug wires

10. I bought and put in my own True Flow Air filter

11. Fuel system flush at Big O Tires

12. Cooling system flush and new thermostat. Which got rid of the service required light on my dashboard.

13. Before the oil change I bought and they put in a engine system cleaner

Whew! That is a lot I know. The person that owned it before did not take good care of the car. My father thinks it has something to do with the fuel injection but I am not sure. I am the end of my rope. I hope someone can help me out with this. Thank you.

I would guess you need at least one new engine and or transmission mount. Don’t waste any more money on engine or fuel system cleaners, or special air filters.