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2004 GMC Envoy rough idle (vibration at idle)

Hi Cart Talk Community!
I have a 2004 GMC Envoy w/130K+ miles that just went in for maintenance. One of the things my mechanic was fixing for me was a rough idle, vibrating strongly enough to rattle the mirrors and glass. He replaced a very loose and failing water pump, and I will say that the idling is better, but it’s still a little rough. The one problem was hiding another. Once I accelerate, no problems; nothing in park or neutral, only idling in drive. No CEL, no codes from the computer. My mechanic thought engine mounts might need replacement, but I thought I’d check what other smart-like car-folk may think. You know, a crowd-sourced second opinion.

If it doesn’t vibrate in park but vibrates in drive, jack up the engine slightly to get the weight off the frame. If it’s now better, then I would have to concur that the mount(s) need replaced. Not that uncommon.