2001 Dodge Ram went "POP"

2001 Dodge Ram, 318 V8.

I get in and try to start. Everything is normal then “POP”. It doesn’t start. At first the lights were on then they dim and extinquish. Try to jump it, but no dice. Towed to garage and they determine the battery is in need of replacement. Now it starts and runs fine, but ever since the interior lights and radio won’t work (inital problem >3 months ago). I’ve checked all fuses and they are fine. Dodge dealer suggests possible ignition switch problem. Is this reasonable? Is this difficult to confirm/repair? Thanks.

Sometimes, and I repeat sometimes, fuses look like they’re good when in fact they aren’t.

To find out, remove the suspects and replace them with other ones of the same amperage that you KNOW work and see if there is any change.

That ‘pop’ you heard may be from a burnt wire or an inline fusible link like those used for starters (only smaller).

You may have to find and follow a wiring schematic and trace the power from the fuse to the break using a tester.

Check your owners manual or fuse panel cover to see if there is also another component on the same circuit that may be faulty.

Looks like fuse #12 (10 amp) provides power to the interior lights, vanity lights, cargo lights, power mirror switch and radio. Try replacing it with another fuse and see if it cures the problem.

Hey, that’s it! Thanks for the lead on it. BTW, do you happen to know where I can get a schematic for that circuit to help me trouble shoot it?

Haynes has a repair manual for your vehicle which also has the complete series of electrical schematics in the back of the book. About $20 at any automotive store.

Some of the regs on here may have a schematic for that, but you can also check with your local library as they usually have a list of websites you can go to.

Here is the diagram. Hope it helps.

Memphis Sound, Did you put a sound system, or amplifier and speakers into your van about 3 months ago? Or, any other addition? If you did, you need to tap into a larger power supply (using a fused circuit) than that 10 amp circuit the radio (and, ALL those lights) are on, now. That 10 amp fuse can’t take the load of an aftermarket sound system and speakers. // Your new battery won’t carry the heavy discharges, for long, if it is used with the engine off. EVEN at idle, the alternator may not make enough juice to keep up with the sound system’s power usage.