Battery Dying - How Do I

If my van(2008 dodge grand caravan) sits a couple days the battery is dead. I initially took it into the dealer and they said there was a draw that they weren’t sure where. I took it to another dealer and they diagnosed a bad battery. Battery was replaced and I was OK for a while(winter started). I knew somebody at a shop who told me that there was a problem where the radio on these year/model was drawing even when off. He said there was no nationwide recall but to check with Chrysler. Of course Chrysler disavowed any knowledge. So being car stupid I am here for help. Is there anyway via fusebox, etc. I can isolate the radio to determine if this is the real problem? I did note that there is a 15 amp fuse when a 20 amp is recommended. i would think this would not be the issues. Thanks

Unless the fuse has blown a 15 amp instead of 20 amp fuse is not the problem. Yes you may be able to isolate the circuit by removing a fuse, and see when the problem does not occur, but that should not be your responsibility. The dealer may need further motivation, chocolate chip cookies or a call to a district manager to motivate them to find the problem. The dealer needs to find the battery draw and fix it under warranty.

The radio is drawing current even when off, not only on yours but all modern cars. But it shouldn’t kill your battery.

Do you have anything electric that isn’t working, like a power window? If so, that is where to start.

Yeah it should be the dealer doing the work but sometimes God helps him who helps himself. You can pull the fuse to the radio and see if that isolates the problem circuit. There may be other things on that circuit also. Before pulling the fuse though, make sure you know the radio re-set code to get it operating again. Once you isolate the circuit, it’ll be back to the dealer to replace the radio or find the drain.

So I pulled the fuse and the radio still works. Now I am really confused. Shouldn’t the circuit be closed if it is out or does the fuse need to be burnt to close the circuit? I am sure it is the right fuse. Thanks for all your input.

To answer the prior poster, all electronics seem to be functioning OK when the battery is charged.

It looks like you might have an intermittent problem and that sucks. Maybe a switch leaves the trunk or glove box light on sometimes.

IF you pulled out the radio fuse, the radio should be dead. Are there other things on the same circuit? It the radio OE?

The radio is OE and there is nothing else on that circuit.