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004 Dodge Neon - Oil Light Does Not Like Cold

The oil light in my 2004 Dodge Neon goes when the tempature outside drops 20 degrees,after the engine is warmed up the light goes out after restarting.The oil sending unit was replaced and the pressure was 40 psi 3yrs ago,are the Dodge Neon Notorious for this to fail.This doesn’t happen when the weather is warm,only when cold.Any suggestions.the engine has 153,000 miles and does not burn oil.

To start, you want to know if this is an electrical issue or a mechanical one. I suggest testing the actual oil pressure again, just to make sure the oil pressure is actually OK. If the pressure is still 40 psi when warm at idle then on the the electrical stuff.

Since your mechanic is already AT the pressure sender port, just replace the sender again. I suspect that will fix it.

Thank you I took the car out for a ride with the light on,the engine warmed and turned the key off and restarted after a minute,the light went off,happens only when its cold outside.